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          Southern Guild Los Angeles' directors Alejandro Bataille and Andréa Delph
          Southern Guild announces Los Angeles directors

          27 Mar 2024 (4 min) read

          Southern Guild is delighted to announce their new Los Angeles gallery’s Directors: Alejandro Bataille and Andréa Delph.

          With a program focused on both collectible design and contemporary art, in expanding to Los Angeles, founders Julian and Trevyn McGowan felt that their Directors would need to hold expertise in both categories; Bataille and Delph each bring significant experience across design, gallery and nonprofit work to their new roles at Southern Guild LA.

          “Both of our LA Directors represent dynamic viewpoints in their own right. Alejandro brings a wealth of experience working with legacy design brands over the last 10 years, and as an artist himself, he has an intuitive understanding of artistic vocabularies. Andréa brings broad exposure to the gallery environment, across sales, curation, operations and most importantly, artist relationships. She cares deeply about wider representation of diverse voices within the art world.” -Julian and Trevyn McGowan, Founders, Southern Guild

          Welcome to the team, Alejandro and Andréa!

          About Andréa Delph

          Andréa Delph is a curator and arts professional, whose career has spanned both commercial and non-profit. In her previous role as the Director and Gallery Manager at Nicodim Gallery, New York, she played a pivotal role in overseeing the operations of the new and inaugural New York location. Andréa collaborated closely with gallery artists, successfully bringing impactful exhibitions and projects to fruition while strategically placing artworks in prestigious private and public collections worldwide. With a diverse portfolio, Andréa has also held positions at Mitchell-Innes and Nash, New York, engaging with artists in both primary and secondary markets. Additionally, she has independently curated exhibitions across diverse cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, Cleveland and New York.

          Andréa holds a BA in Art History from the Ohio State University, complemented by international studies in communication at Dankook University in Seoul, South Korea. Her deep commitment to reshaping artistic narratives and fostering connections is illuminated through her current venture — fostering Southern Guild’s legacy in the U.S. She envisions continuing the gallery’s reputation for supporting artists from the African continent and its diaspora while actively engaging the community in its new home in Los Angeles, California.

          Now based in Los Angeles, Andréa stands at the threshold of the next pivotal chapter in Southern Guild's narrative. As a perpetual student, she wholeheartedly embraces the ongoing process of learning, recognizing the significance of situating oneself in an environment where growth and knowledge acquisition take precedence. With unyielding enthusiasm, Andréa foresees the creation of a unique space for Southern Guild in Los Angeles—a space dedicated not only to the exhibition of outstanding artwork and design but also to cultivating a dialogue that is refreshingly new and authentically genuine.

          About Alejandro Bataille

          Alejandro Bataille merges a strong background in sales, client relationships and design with in-depth knowledge of fabrication and product development. A botanical sculptor immersed in Los Angeles’ creative landscape, he brings a unique viewpoint to his position as Director at Southern Guild Los Angeles.

          Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro moved to the United States in 2007. He holds a BA in Industrial and Product Design from the New School of Architecture & Design in San Diego, California, and completed a program in product and furniture design at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. He was most recently Sales Director at The Future Perfect and has previously held design and sales positions at several other luxury retailers and studios.

          Alejandro combines an exceptionally honed aesthetic sense with expertise in enhancing the client experience through his sharing of narratives and intimate understanding of the art landscape in the US. Collectible design, with its dynamic interplay between functionality and sculptural form, is a particular area of interest for him. He is energized by the opportunity to establish a pioneering presence for Southern Guild in Los Angeles and to introduce the city’s collectors and interior designers to the work of its artists. With a keen appreciation of design history, he looks forward to progressing the careers of African artists in California and opening doors for a more inclusive representation of artistic practices.