Our two short films, ‘Andile Dyalvane: iThongo’ and ‘Zizipho Poswa: uBuhle boKhokho’, are currently being screened as part of the 2024 @indianceramicstriennale in Dehli. Thank you to @maker_and_smith for helping to take these films to a wider audience, and to @bmwsouthafrica for supporting their production. These storytelling tools play a vital role in articulating the artistic vision of two of our leading ceramic artists @andiledyalvane and @zizipo_poswa.

#andiledyalvane #ziziphoposwa #southernguild #makerandsmith #indianceramicstriennale #ceramics #ceramicart
Southern Guild Cape Town presents ‘Dzuvula’ (Shedding Skin), a solo exhibition of collectible design by @rich_mnisi, from 8 February to 18 April 2024. Comprising sculptural bronze furniture and lighting, as well as a hand-woven limited-edition rug, ‘Dzuvula’ is an expansion on the cosmology of duality that emerged with the designer’s debut collection, ‘Nyoka’ (2021).
This new body of work complicates the interplay of the mundane and the magical, the matriarchal and magisterial – themes that have emanated from the artist’s embrace of fluidity as a guiding philosophy and aesthetic approach.
The snake – with its embodiment of fear and beauty – makes a reappearance, the undulating arcs of its movement distorting and disrupting borders and edges. Collaborating closely with Southern Guild, Mnisi brought his visions to life by working with various artists and artisans including @charles_haupt @paco.rugs and @monkeybizcape.
‘Dzuvula’ (Shedding Skin) by Rich Mnisi runs concurrently with ‘VIGIL’ by @justine.mahoney at Southern Guild Cape Town from 8 February – 18 April 2024. 
Shown here:
Rich Mnisi
‘Mbhoni’ (Witness) - detail, 2023
37.5 x 178.9 x 85.6 cm |
Edition 1 of 5

#richmnisi #southernguild #collectibledesign #functionalart #sculpture #functionalsculpture #sculptural #bronze #bronzeart #bronzedesign #tsonga #collaboration #charleshaupt #fluid #snake
Southern Guild Cape Town presents ‘VIGIL’, a solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures and paintings by South African artist @justine.mahoney, from 8 February – 18 April 2024. The artist reimagines the 12 Jungian archetypes in a series of sculpted figures and large-scale paintings on heavy-weight fabric. Rooted in a wealth of esoteric theory, Mahoney’s archetypes embody and mythologise facets of the collective human unconscious.
Over an extended period of isolation during the pandemic, Mahoney began a daily practice of self-enquiry through Jungian meditation. Encountering what Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung referred to as “Mythopoetic Imagination” – the dark and fertile landscape of active imagination – the artist conjured vivid manifestations of each archetype. They appeared to Mahoney as messengers, carriers from the invisible terrain, arriving as “giant psychic forces” from within.
Treating imaginative thought and fantasy as vital creative functions, ‘VIGIL’ surfaces from a subversive reality; one that belies rationality to ground itself more freely in the ancient, essential and human.

‘VIGIL’ by Justine Mahoney runs concurrently with ‘Dzuvula’ (Shedding Skin) by @rich_mnisi at Southern Guild Cape Town from 8 February – 18 April 2024.

Shown here:
Justine Mahoney
‘The Heroine’, 2023
Earthenware, enamel
73 x 38 x 21 cm | 28.7 x 15 x 8.3 in. 
#justinemahoney #southernguild #vigil #Jung #jungianpsychology #jungianarchetypes #jungianart #archetypes #sculpture #painting #sculptures #ceramic #paintings #artwork #artexhibition #exhibition #gallery #artgallery
Final days of ‘Black Exodus: Summer Departure’ by @olu.seye at the gallery, which will be closing this Thursday, 1 February. 

Shown here:
‘Power Figure for the American Negro’, 2020
Found objects, rubber, synthetic hair, nails
18.5 x 14.5 x 21 cm

#oluseye #southernguild
Happy birthday to @kamyar_bineshtarigh today! Kamyar is one of nine artists featured in the SOLO section of the 2024 @investeccapetownartfair next month, curated by @seanwotoole. He will show new and recently completed abstract paintings tracing his interest in the role of language and mark-making in our understanding of the world. 

Bineshtarigh will also take part in a ICTAF talk titled ‘Themes of Language and Migration Across Media’, on Saturday, 17 February at 12:30pm. Moderated by O’Toole and Olivia Barrell of @__artformes__, the talk pairs Bineshtarigh and another Southern Guild artist, @andiledyalvane, discussing their unique multi-disciplinary practices. 

#kamyarbineshtarigh #southernguild #abstractpainting #painting #painter #abstractart #markmaking #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #ictaf #investeccapetownartfair
On 22 February, Southern Guild will open its new gallery in Los Angeles with a dual presentation: 
‘Indyebo yakwaNtu’ (Black Bounty) by @zizipo_poswa 
‘Mother Tongues’, a group exhibition featuring 25 artists from the continent including
and others

Southern Guild LA will be located at 747 N Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

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