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          Madoda Fani and Chuma Maweni - Idangatye


          Madoda Fani and Chuma Maweni

          Cape Town
          2 - 13 March 2017

          Idangatye introduces the work of Madoda Fani and Chuma Maweni, who take a contemporary approach to an age-old medium. Studio partners, the artists worked collaboratively on some of the works in this collection of smoke-fired ceramic vessels and sculptures.

          Madoda Fani and Chuma Maweni - Idangatye
          Madoda Fani and Chuma Maweni - Idangatye

          Southern Guild is proud to present Idangatye, a new body of work by ceramicist Madoda Fani, that illustrates his development and growth as both artist and sculptor. His work carries a uniquely dramatic sensibility, bold and emblazoned with distinctive character.

          Idangatye – the Xhosa word for flame – is a collection of smoke-fired vessels that follow a contemporary approach to an age-old medium. Working with clay objects that are steeped in a long and traditionally unyielding historic tradition, Fani draws inspiration from the natural world. His curvaceous, coiled forms echo those found in nature, while the hand-carved and burnished surfaces reference detailed insectile forms, and the glossy coats of cattle. The elegant and refined patterns speak respectively to both his lifelong entomological fascination and his respect for cultural rituals.

          In parallel, Southern Guild presents new work by fellow ceramicist Chuma Maweni, who recently opened his own studio, producing high-quality ceramics that depict his spirit as an artist, exploring traditional craft with a fresh voice.